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Great Blue Heron in Flight

Honey Bee

Brown Pelican Portrait

Texas Fall Color Poison Ivy

Canada Geese

Mustang Grape Leaf in Autumn

Sulphur Butterfly

Mushroom Duet

Winter Pond Surface

Frosted Feather

Windswept Willow Tree

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Prickly Pear Cactus


Green Tree Frog

White Crowned Sparrow

Dragonfly Eyes

Post Oak Leaf


Bracket Fungi and Fly

Wetland Marsh

Spider Hanging by Dragline

Female Mallard Duck

Shimmering White Sands

Wyoming Prairie

Early Autumn Leaf

Cottonwood Tree


Zebra Portrait

Soft Shell Turtle

Raccoon Skull on Forest Floor

Carolina Chickadee

American Lotus Flower

Jumping Spider

Arkansas Fall Color

Female Cardinal

Twisted Wood and Rocks


Single Mushroom

Leaf Frozen in Pond Ice

Longhorn Herd

Monahans Sandhills at Dawn

Leaf Footed Bug

Great Blue Heron

Turtle Eggs

Life on a Milkweed Flower

Baby Oak Leaves

Prairie Dog

West Texas Prairie Windmill

Skipper Butterfly on Eryngo

Spider Web and Morning Dew


Fungi on Fallen Log

Lakeside Grass

Komodo Dragon

Curious Virginia Opossums

Roseate Spoonbill

Seed Pod Frozen in Pond Ice

Black Jumping Spider

Wichita Mountains Lake

Indian Blankets


Killdeer Pair

White Winecups

Hickory Nut Husks

Diamondback Rattlesnake

Partial Solar Eclipse

Rocky Mountain National Park

Woodland Leaves

Mockingbird with an Attitude

Rainy Day Boletus Mushroom

Grasshopper Nymph

White Sands National Monument

Melancholy Goose

Woodhouse's Toad

Indian Pipes

Wild Geranium

Ducks and Turtle

Amanita Mushrooms

Garden Spider

Single Yellow Flower

Clarks Nutcracker

Sumac Leaves



Newly Emerged Cicada

Western Coachwhip

Inca Dove

Spider Eyes

Arkansas Ozarks Waterfall

Turkey Tails

Head to Head

Grasshopper Being Hand-Fed

Virginia Creeper Leaves

Sulphur Butterfly  and Blue Sky

Wichita Mountains Sunset

Prairie Dog Portrait

Spider Frozen in Ice

Monahans Sandhills


Boletus Mushroom B+W




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